Join us in the #frommywindow social media movement.

Not being able to socialize with their friends is hard for our kids - and for us! Building on what started in Spain with individuals sharing the views from their window, we're asking our community to join in the #frommywindow movement by sharing works of art in your windows. 

The idea is for our children to find joy in creating art and then proudly displaying it for friends and neighbors to see when they are out for a walk (not in groups). It truly is bringing joy and a feeling of normalcy in a time full of uncertainty. Yesterday my boys and I walked around to see everyone's creations at the end of the day. We saw young and old doing the same as we waved hello from a distance in passing. It was a beautiful way of bringing us together when we have to remain so far apart. Art and creativity are needed now more than ever. Get creative as a family and hang that creativity in your window. Together we can do so much more than we realize. We might not be moving mountains, but we can certainly draw them. - @outsmartedmommy

Share your works of art in your windows, facing outward toward the street:

  • Choose themes and cycle through different pieces. 

  • If you have contact information for your neighbors invite them to participate and/or choose weekly themes for your street. 

  • Tag us in your artwork or artwork you see when out for a walk - @ymcagbw
  • Share this post and spread the word.
  • Stay tuned for upcoming project ides from our YMCA team!