Five Most Common Myths About Gymnastics

A group of children participate in a tumbling class at the YMCA Gymnastics Center in West Chester

Gymnastics is a sport for small, flexible girls, right? WRONG! Gymnastics is for everyone! Read on to dispel more myths about this popular sport.

Myth # 1: Gymnastics is only a girl’s sport.

FACT: Gymnastics is for boys and girls and can be beneficial for both. The sport not only helps children with hand-eye coordination, it is a great release for pent up energy. Gymnastics allows boys and girls to socialize, have fun and exercise.

Myth # 2: In order to do gymnastics, you must have a certain body type.

FACT: Anyone can participate in gymnastics no matter their size, shape or strength level. As with any sport, the more a child participates, the more he/she increases strength and flexibility.

Myth # 3: Gymnastics is a dangerous sport.

FACT: All of our gymnastics programs at the Oscar Lasko YMCA are broken up by age group and skill level so that children can learn based on their needs. Participants are taught proper techniques and how to control their bodies in order to help reduce the risk of injuries.

Myth # 4: You have to be super-coordinated for gymnastics.

FACT: Coordination is a skill taught in gymnastics; it is something that your child will be able to work toward if they aren't already coordinated. Keep in mind that beginner gymnasts are not going to start out looking like an Olympic level athlete. That kind of talent is achieved through hard work and practice over many years.

Myth # 5: You have to start gymnastics when you're young.

FACT: It's never too late to start gymnastics. Although we do offer classes starting at 20 months, most of our participants do not start that young. The coaches at the Oscar Lasko YMCA help teach every gymnast the skills he/she needs to progress to the next level.

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