Spend Some Quality Family Time Together

You want to continue bonding as a family, but are you running out of things to do? We've rounded up some of the best ideas from our YGBW staff.

Movie Night, but Make it a "Classic"!

Our very own Healthy Living Director from our Lionville Community YMCA, Ashley, reminisced about growing up and watching movies with her family. Try making it a reoccurring event. You could grab quick (and healthy) snacks, set a time and you even let the kids pick the movie...or maybe you pick one and then let them pick one so you're not watching the same movie for the fifteenth time.  

Indoor Play

Put a spin on yoga by incorporating a favorite game like Jenga (See #3) or try a family dance party! Laura, Associate Executive Director at our West Chester Area YMCA shares her family's party below. 

Family Fitness & Activities

Do your children enjoy STEM and Nature? Then check out these science experiments from our own YGBW staff. Missing sports right now? Try some of our sports and movement videos. Or simply try some of our family-friendly fitness videos that up that heartrate!