Break a Sweat with these Four Dance Workouts from Different Cultures 

Dance, or dancing, can play many roles in our lives. It is a part of our traditions or cultures, it is a form of art or expression and often makes for a fun and uplifting form of exercise. We encourage you to try one of the styles listed below for your next workout.  

Belly Dancing
Belly dancing has its origins in the Middle East and features complex movements of the torso. Individual costumes and styles vary by country and region. Benefits of belly dancing are many and include isolation of core muscles, body awareness and self-confidence. It is a low impact exercise that has a focus on coordination and can be slow and fluid or faster and more dynamic.

Hip Hop
Hip-hop dance includes a wide variety of styles and is typically performed to hip-hop music or evolved from hip-hop culture. While many of today’s styles of hip hop have deviated from the breaking of the 1970s, or dance crews of the 1990s, hip hop makes for a fun cardio-based exercise that is sure to burn calories!

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Hula Dance
Hula is popular in Hawaii and was developed by the Polynesians who originally settled there. There are two main categories – Hula ‘Auana and Hula Kahiko – and many sub styles of Hula. Hand motions are used to represent a song or chant and can signify aspects of nature or feelings. 

Latin Dance
Latin Dance is a general label for many different types of dance originating in Latin America including samba, salsa, mambo, merengue and many more. Latin Dance fitness classes incorporate dance steps into cardio workouts featuring aerobic interval training set to the beat of Latin music. 

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