Benefits of Creative Arts Programs

A girl participates in arts and crafts at an art camp at the YMCA in Chester County

Arts & humanities programs provide a fun, safe environment where children can develop important life skills. As part of our commitment to youth development, we offer a variety of arts-focused youth programs and summer camps to enable students the chance to learn, grow and thrive through culinary arts, theater, dance, pottery and more!

Below are our top four benefits to creative arts programs. 

  1. Improve Mental Health
    Being immersed in a creative arts project encourages children to live in the present moment, which is important to mental health. And, in an increasingly digital world, arts programs provide an opportunity to spend time in the tactile and physical world - increasing mindfulness.

  2. Enhance Social and Emotional Well-Being
    In addition to providing opportunities to increase mindfulness and live in the moment, performing arts like theater and dance provide a chance to improve social and emotional health. Children will express emotions through physical movements while stepping outside of their own reality to portray characters and tell stories.

  3. Learn from Mistakes
    Making mistakes is an important way to learn, but in our fast-paced world, children rarely have the time to make mistakes. Arts programs provide students the opportunity to turn mistakes into masterpieces.

  4. Build Independence and Decision-Making Skills
    School, homework, sports, lessons and more - children increasingly spend time taking direction from adults. It is equally important for children to build independence and decision-making skills, and the arts provide a safe environment to do so. Students enrolled in arts & humanities curriculum have the unique opportunity to make self-directed choices like project theme, scope, and other creative direction.

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