HIIT is Coming to Your YMCA!

High Intensity Interval Training includes short bursts of high intensity workouts like burpees or push ups.

The hottest trend in exercise is HIIT … or High-Intensity Interval Training—and it’s coming to your YMCA soon! Most branches of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine will launch designated HIIT areas on their wellness floors in late August.

HIIT may sound exhausting, but it really can save you time and get you in shape faster than traditional workouts. Studies show HIIT burns 25 to 30 percent more calories than resistance training, cycling and treadmill running. It also helps burn more fat in less time than endurance activities, strengthens your heart, keeps your blood sugar in check, lowers your blood pressure and increases oxygen consumption. 

Wondering how it works? Read on!

HIIT consists of phases of high-intensity work such as jump squats, burpees or alternating side lunges, followed by phases of moderate or low-intensity recovery.

Ratios are key to HIIT and vary depending on your level. For example:

  • A beginner exerciser will likely need to do 1:3 ratios, for example, work hard for 20 seconds doing jump squats, then recover for 60 seconds
  • An intermediate exerciser may do a 1:2 ratio, for example, work hard for 30 seconds doing jump squats, then recover for 60 seconds
  • A more accomplished exerciser may do a 1:1 ratio or even a 2:1 ratio, for example, work hard for 30 seconds doing jump squats and then rest for 30 seconds, or work hard for 60 seconds doing jump squats and rest for 30 seconds respectively.

The key is to push yourself, so you need recovery time. The high-intensity work times should be tough, but not to the point that you cannot complete the workout or recover before the next interval.

How long is the workout?

The duration of a HIIT workout depends on your fitness level and training goals, with most HIIT sessions running 30-60 minutes including warm up and cool down times.

When can I get started?

In late August, YMCA branches will post HIIT Workouts of the Week for members to follow in designated HIIT areas of their wellness centers. Visit your wellness center to learn more and give this new fitness trend a try!


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