6 Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Provide Hours of Fun for the Whole Family

A line drawing of a x with dotted line tracing the path, like a treasure map

Treasure hunts are a fun and engaging activity that can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Whether you’re searching for treasure - or maybe an activity to keep the kids busy during your next conference call - we’ve rounded up a few ideas to get you started. Get outside and explore nature or turn your home into an Indiana Jones movie - we’d love to hear what treasures you discover along the way!

  1. Find Hidden Treasure with Geocaching
    Join a community with millions of hidden treasures across the United States. Geocaching uses GPS enabled devices to help hunters locate treasures, often hidden in plain sight. Download a free geocaching app (like Geocaching) and locate a hidden cache near you! Learn more about Geocaching in the video below:

  2. Design your own Treasure Map
    Design a sequential treasure hunt where your kids have to find a series of clues that lead you closer and closer to your treasure. Make it fun and educational as the kids have to read clues, decipher hints and learn to use a map. Once they’ve learned the process - turn the tables and let the kids design the next adventure!
  3. Make a Goosechase
    Send your family on a wild goose chase using the app of the same name. This free app lets you create and organize your own scavenger hunts (or join in on someone else’s). Goosechase is a great way to get the family moving while still having tons of fun. Download the app and create a digital scavenger hunt and challenge the whole neighborhood to play (at different times of course)!
  4. Turn Reading into a Treasure Hunt
    For older kids, turn reading time into a treasure hunt with a list or bingo board of vocabulary or sight words. As your kids do their reading, they search for their list of words to find. Set a reward at the end - maybe screen time, outside play or a sweet treat - the more words they find, the bigger the reward! 
    For younger kids, go on a letter hunt. Write the letters of the alphabet cards on pieces of paper, sticky notes or tape. Set a timer and “hunt” for items in your home or yard that start with each letter of the alphabet. 
  5. Play with Themes
    Explore the outdoors with your own nature bingo board, take a walk around the neighborhood and complete a neighborhood scavenger hunt or search for a rainbow of colors with a color hunt. A themed scavenger hunt can be an exciting and unique way to learn something new or turn a normal activity into an adventure. If these are a hit, browse Pinterest for more creative ideas.
  6. Find a Four Leaf Clover
    Have some fun with the original backyard treasure hunt and search for a four-leaf clover in your yard or on your next family walk. Not only will it keep you busy, but according to some, it also brings good luck! 

    Finding a four-leaf clover is rare, but if you do find one, follow these directions to preserve it! If you’re unlucky in finding a four-leaf clover, collect flowers, leaves or plenty of three-leaf clovers to press or preserve.