6 Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Provide Hours of Fun for the Whole Family

A line drawing of a x with dotted line tracing the path, like a treasure map

Treasure hunts are a fun and engaging activity that can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Whether you’re searching for treasure - or maybe an activity to keep the kids busy during your next conference call - we’ve rounded up a few ideas to get you started. Get outside and explore nature or turn your home into an Indiana Jones movie - we’d love to hear what treasures you discover along the way!

  1. Find Hidden Treasure with Geocaching
    Join a community with millions of hidden treasures across the United States. Geocaching uses GPS enabled devices to help hunters locate treasures, often hidden in plain sight. Download a free geocaching app (like Geocaching) and locate a hidden cache near you! Learn more about Geocaching in the video below:

  2. Design your own Treasure Map
    Design a sequential treasure hunt where your kids have to find a series of clues that lead you closer and closer to your treasure. Make it fun and educational as the kids have to read clues, decipher hints and learn to use a map. Once they’ve learned the process - turn the tables and let the kids design the next adventure!
  3. Make a Goosechase
    Send your family on a wild goose chase using the app of the same name. This free app lets you create and organize your own scavenger hunts (or join in on someone else’s). Goosechase is a great way to get the family moving while still having tons of fun. Download the app and create a digital scavenger hunt and challenge the whole neighborhood to play (at different times of course)!
  4. Turn Reading into a Treasure Hunt
    For older kids, turn reading time into a treasure hunt with a list or bingo board of vocabulary or sight words. As your kids do their reading, they search for their list of words to find. Set a reward at the end - maybe screen time, outside play or a sweet treat - the more words they find, the bigger the reward! 
    For younger kids, go on a letter hunt. Write the letters of the alphabet cards on pieces of paper, sticky notes or tape. Set a timer and “hunt” for items in your home or yard that start with each letter of the alphabet. 
  5. Play with Themes
    Explore the outdoors with nature bingo, take a walk around the neighborhood and complete a neighborhood scavenger hunt or search for a rainbow of colors with a color hunt. A themed scavenger hunt can be an exciting and unique way to learn something new or turn a normal activity into an adventure. If these are a hit, browse Pinterest for more creative ideas.
  6. Find a Four Leaf Clover
    Have some fun with the original backyard treasure hunt and search for a four-leaf clover in your yard or on your next family walk. Not only will it keep you busy, but according to some, it also brings good luck! 

    Finding a four-leaf clover is rare, but if you do find one, follow these directions to preserve it! If you’re unlucky in finding a four-leaf clover, collect flowers, leaves or plenty of three-leaf clovers to press or preserve.