5 Water Skills Everyone Should Know

The YMCA of Greater Brandywine believes that everyone should learn how to swim so they can explore a world of possibilities. Our progressive swimming lessons offer swimmers of all levels and abilities a path to build strong swimming skills and develop confidence around water. 

  1. Jump. Push. Turn. Grab.

    Easy to remember. Jump. Push. Turn. Grab. Jump into the water, push off the bottom with both feet, turn around and grab for the wall.

  2. Grab for the Side

    Teaching this action helps those struggling in the water to find the nearest exit. This is one of the top two things to learn if you are new to swimming. 
  3. Floating 

    Learning to float allows you to rest and to breathe while in the water. Learning how to properly float with your head back, chin and chest up while using your arms or feet to flutter provides a key life-saving skill. Floating can allow someone of any age or endurance to keep their head above water until help arrives. 

  4. Swim, Float, Swim, Float

    Building upon floating skills, this technique allows you to improve your movement in the water helping to move yourself to safety without reaching a point of exhaustion. 
  5. Elbow Elbow, Knee Knee

    This often-overlooked skill is an important step - knowing how to safely exit a pool or body of water without steps or a ladder. While it seems intuitive, it is practiced at all swimming lessons.

Like we practice for fire drills, these are things that we should practice regularly - or at least annually just prior to summer - so that they can be easily recalled and put into place if you are ever in a time of crisis. 

It is never too late to learn how to swim! Lessons are available for all ages and abilities. 

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If you do not know how to swim, please do not try these without assistance.

If you or your child is a non-swimmer, you should wear a Coast Guard-approved lifejacket when in or around water. Lifejackets and puddle jumpers are available at all YMCA swimming pools. Water wings or other non-approved flotation devices are not allowed in YMCA pools and should not be used as safety devices. 

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