10 Essential Items to Pack for Swim Lessons

Mom and Daughter Graphic of Swim Lesson Essentials

No matter what swim level you are at, here are 10 essential items to bring along with you to ensure you have the best possible experience at the pool.

    No matter what your age, it’s important to have a swimsuit that fits properly. If should have a snug fit; you do not want any part of it to slide off of your child’s body.
    Not only do goggles keep the chlorine out of your eyes, but they also encourage better technique, especially if your child is new to swimming. If your child has longer hair, a hair band or swim cap will help keep the hair out of his or her face.
    Swim diapers or swim diaper covers (which are reusable) are mandatory for any child who is not potty trained at all YMCA pools.
    The chlorine in the pool often leaves your skin dry. Remember to bring shower essentials with you including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer and a wet brush.*

    *This brush helps detangle hair with ease and is especially useful on your child’s hair.
  5. WATER
    Remember that swimming is a form of exercise. Bring a water bottle to prevent your child from becoming dehydrated.
  6. TOWEL
    Bring a towel to the pool deck. It will help keep your child warm when finished his or her lesson. In addition, it prevents water puddles, which are a slip-and-fall hazard.
  7. LOCK
    Don’t forget to bring a combination or key lock with you to secure your personal items in the locker room. If you love it, lock it up! It’s best to keep things like your cell phone, purse and wallet in a safe and dry area.
  8. SNACK
    Kids get hungry, especially after a swim lesson. Pack a healthy treat for them to enjoy.*

    *Remember: snacks are prohibited in the pool areas of the YMCA.
    Footwear that is easy to slide on and off is encouraged when walking from the locker room area to the pool deck. A proper pair of flip-flops or water shoes will prevent slipping.
  10. GYM BAG
    A proper bag to place all of your items in is a must. Pack a comfortable outfit for your child to change into after his or her lesson. At many Y’s plastic bags are available for your wet swimsuit and towel. Use of them will help keep your bag dry.



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