YGBW Membership dues are reduced by 20% now through December 31.

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YGBW memberships automatically resumed billing on Wednesday, July 8. If you requested that your membership hold be extended either through our staff or online and your membership dues are charged, please contact us so that we may adjust your account.

How do I reactivate my membership so I can make a reservation for a group exercise class?

Reservations are required for group exercise classes and can be made via the YGBW mobile app. However, you will only be able to log in to the app and make a reservation once your membership has been reactivated.

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What if I continued paying my membership dues during the shutdown? 

Thank you! We cannot begin to express the difference this has made to YGBW and our community. Your donation has helped to ensure the Y’s long-term sustainability, as well as making it possible for us to offer virtual group exercise classes, run food drives and open our YMCA facilities for blood drives to address a critical blood shortage. You will receive a tax letter that shows proof of your donation for your 2020 taxes. 

Your dues continue to be counted as a donation through 6/28. On 6/29, they were converted back to dues as that is when we officially open. When providing services, we cannot legally count your dues as a donation.  

What if I put my membership on hold during the shutdown? 

Unless you requested otherwise, your membership was automatically reactivated on  Wednesday, July 8, 2020. If you came to the YMCA between when we reopened on June 29 and July 8, your membership was reactivated as of the date you first scanned back into the Y. Your draft date was changed to that date also. It's a good idea to ensure the payment method we have on file is up to date.

You can do this by logging into your account. From the My Account screen: 

  • Select "View or Edit Credit Cards/Electronic Checks on File" to make changes. 
  • Once back in the My Account screen, select "Change Payment Information for Auto-Drafts" to connect the updated payment information to your membership. 

What if I have a Silver Sneakers or Silver & Fit Membership? 

So long as your insurance has not changed and is still accepting either of these programs, you're all set to return to the Y. 

What if my membership is through Jenner’s Pond? 

If you're still living at Jenner’s Pond, you'll all set to return to the Y.


Who do I contact if I have questions about my membership? 

Please contact your branch’s membership director:

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes. Please contact your branch’s membership director. 


What if I have a short-term or annual membership?

Your membership will be extended to cover the time YGBW was closed, unless you have already notified us otherwise. If you wish to donate these fees to YGBW or to have the cost refunded, please contact your branch's membership director:

How can I join the YMCA?

Thank you for your interest in joining the YMCA. You have two options for joining:

Join Online Now

Download forms to Join in Person

* Each adult individual on the membership [defined as 18 years old and up] will need to complete our membership application. Copies are available in the branch or can be downloaded, completed and brought with you during your first visit.  

If you would like to request a tour or speak with a membership director, please contact the individual at your preferred location from the list below: