We are Here for Good

Can you help support children in your community?

As the pandemic continues, the YMCA of Greater Brandywine team is opening learning centers at seven YGBW branches for students in grades K-6. Learning centers will provide full day care, academic support, social enrichment, physical activities and more. 

Just like all of us, children have been greatly impacted by the pandemic and are craving normalcy--they need fun, friendships and more--and we're ready to provide it safely in our learning centers!

We're also working to raise $50,000 to fully equip each classroom with enhanced technology and supplies and we want to provide as much financial assistance as possible, as most families did not know to budget for care during the school year for their children.

Please consider making a contribution below to support the families in our community. No gift it too small to impact the life of a child--every gift matters!

Here is what your gift can do:

  • $2,500 provides enhanced technology for a classroom
  • $500 furnishes a classroom with new tables, dividers, a mini-fridge and more
  • $215 gives a child a full week of care in our learning centers
  • $150 outfits a classroom with crafts, games and more
  • $75 provides one child with the tools (headphones and school supplies) for success

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