Personal Trainer Monika Bollinger from the Upper Main Line YMCA

Monika Bollinger

Upper Main Line Branch
Monika is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer certified in adaptive fitness for clients with special needs, cancer patients and clients in chronic pain. She specializes in weight/resistance training, ballroom and wedding dance.

Growing up in Poland as a child, Monika was part of a swim and gymnastics team. After moving to the United States, she worked at a law firm in Philadelphia while continuing to express her love for movement through competitive ballroom dancing, weightlifting and kickboxing in her free time. Finding her passion for helping people improve their lives through movement, Monika brings her experience and supportive approach to meet the needs of each client.

I battled heart disease as a child and thyroid disease as an adult. Movement saved my life. I believe exercise is medicine. I believe exercise is the best way to support our bodies and help them face any health obstacles.

Each one of us deserves a personalized movement plan to fit our lives and goals.


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