Chester County personal trainer Tiana Santos poses for her headshot in the virtual studio at the west chester YMCA.

Tiana Santos

Jennersville Branch
Kennett Branch
West Chester Branch
Tiana is an ISSA certified personal trainer who specializes in weight & resistance training, long-distance running, virtual training and HIIT.

I have always maintained an active lifestyle - from the time I was a small child through high school. When I began my freshman year in college, I had to find new ways to stay active as my options for activities such as dance and volleyball were limited. It was then that I found my passion for weight training and running.

I always liked the idea of strength training and building my confidence in the gym. Once I was able to build that confidence and physical strength, I knew that I would be unstoppable. From that point, I realized that I could help others achieve that same type of confidence in themselves. I became a trainer because I want to help others feel good about their bodies and help them reach their full potential.

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