Upper Main Line YMCA Personal Trainer, Patricio Servetti is ready to help support your goals.

Patricio Servetti

Upper Main Line YMCA
Patricio is an Ace Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in powerlifting, bodybuilding and distance running. He is a UASPL Level 1 Powerlifting and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach as well as a Functional Movement Screen Specialist.

As a teen, Patricio enjoyed participating in as many sports as possible. After college and working in an office for a few years he had fallen out of practice and gained some weight. His wake-up call when he was 26 and realized he couldn't even run a block. Patricio dedicated himself to improving his fitness and health. So far through his fitness journey, he has lost 25 lbs, been able to run ten miles, competed in amateur power-lifting, and ran 5ks.

The only thing that he enjoys more is showing others how they can do it too!

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