Elle Witouski, personal trainer at the Brandywine YMCA in Coatesville, Pa.

Elle Witouski

Brandywine YMCA
Elle is a NASM- Certified Personal Trainer and NASM- Group Fitness Instructor at the Brandywine YMCA in Coatesville, Pa. She specializes in Biomechanics and Sports Performance.

Throughout my adolescence, I have always gravitated towards an active way of life as well as being a part of a positive team! The fascination with this lifestyle sparked a passion to create a career in the fitness industry, beginning with hands-on experience from mentors and past coaches. I am always eager to listen and learn while providing a supportive and comfortable environment for all. My goal for each session would be to have you leave sweating and smiling!

Philosophy: Bringing positive and giddy energy to the table can make or break adherence to a program!  
Favorite Exercise: Romanian Deadlifts 

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