We're so excited you're here.

Our Goal: 6 weeks. 30 minutes a day. 5 days per week. 

We’ll experiment with challenges and rhythms designed to open us up to a purpose-driven life. Participants (sign up if you haven't already to participate!) will receive special workouts, inspiring stories and the chance to connect with others striving for a common goal. New content will be added below weekly during the Reset Challenge to guide you. 

We are stronger together! If you found us here and are not part of the Reset Challenge, you can join us here.

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YGBW Weekly Resources

Week 1: Reset

It's Week 1! Here are Ways to Stay Active

  • Check out this HIIT Workout from our Healthy Living Director, Brian Kish
    • Push Up, Pull Up, Body Weight Squat

  • Start a Walking Group, Walk 3x Per Week
  • Try this Yoga Class on Youtube
  • YGBW Members: Find a Y staff member and ask if they’ll be your accountability buddy. 
  • Stuck Inside Due to Weather?
    • Do these 8 Exercises, 1 Minute Each with No Breaks In Between
      • Kick Through Lunge 

      • Jumping Jacks 

      • Push Up T 

      • Skaters 

      • Tricep Dips 

      • Plank to Chair Squats 

      • Side Lunges 

      • Sweeping Scissors 

  • Not finding something that works above, check out our full Reset Challenge Playlist on Youtube.


Week 2: Refresh

It's Week 2 (REFRESH Week) and that means we get to talk about FOOD! 


Week 3: Reconnect

It's Week 3 or RECONNECT Week - what do you need to Reconnect with? 

  • Reconnect does not just mean with people, it could mean reconnecting with a hobby, or reconnecting with yourself. Here are few things that may help. 
  • Connect with a Hobbie
    • Zoom call with a twist
      • Don't just get together with friends via zoom, get together to discuss or learn about a certain topic.
  • Connect with Family/Friends
    • Schedule a call, even for just 15 minutes with someone you haven't talked with in a while.
  • Connect with Yourself
  • Reconnect with Your Body
    • Spirit - In what ways can you reconnect with your spirit?
    • Mind - In what ways can you reconnect with your mind?
    • Body - In what ways can you reconnect with your body? 

Week 4: Replay

We're Halfway Through the Challenge! Wahhhooo! 

It's Week 4 and that means REPLAY. As adults, we don't play enough, so this week we're going to channel our inner child. 

Week 5: Reinvest

It's important that we give back to our communities. During Week 5, we want to provide you with ways to join together and support your community.
  • Support the ongoing Food Drive at the Oscar Lasko YMCA

  • Donate to help support our financial assistance programs or for swimming lessons and summer camp for local kids

  • Collect some friends to purchase only local restaurant giftcards this week

Week 6: Restore

Details to come. Week 6 starts on March 8, 2021.