There are several ways to get involved with Girls on the Run or STRIDE.  These empowering youth development programs welcome children in grades 3-8 to engage in activity-based lessons that will empower and inspire them to believe in their dreams and to be healthy in all aspects of their lives. 

Our programs are led by trained volunteer coaches who come from a range of backgrounds, professions and levels of experience, but who share a passion for helping kids grow.  We are honored and excited to help you learn more about how to get your own child involved and/or how you can get involved.  

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You will find serving as a Stride Coach to be a very rewarding and heart touching experience.  You will have new Striders show up who are a little shy and don't know what to expect.  You will also have boys show up who don't want to be there.  "I'm here because my mother signed me up."  But as the weeks breeze by, you will see a change in most of them due to the time you spend with them, and the encouragement you are able to provide.  And when you see the smiles on their faces as they sprint to the Finish Line,in the season-ending 5K, you will know you made the right decision to be a Stride Coach.  

- Jack De Vries, Pocopson Stride

I have experienced such a high level of satisfaction watching the boys develop and change through hard work and commitment.  We have had a few boys with challenging family situations who really had no interest in running but who got to be part of team and feel like they belonged somewhere.  They even came around to running and eventually pushing themselves at some point.  For me, the greatest impact was one young man who was very challenging during practices and often dismissive of my help.  However, one day I was walking my boys to school and we passed his house and saw him getting in his car with his grandfather. I asked if he wanted to walk with us and he said yes. We had a great time chatting and walking together.  It made my heart happy and full that we had touched him in some way even if he could not show during practice.  


- Beth Ann Rosica, STRIDE Coach

I want to thank you for all your support with providing us the opportunity to host GOTR and STRIDE at Pickering Valley.   I have been impressed throughout the years on how both of these programs bring our staff and parents together to teach and reinforce positive strategies for our students.  I am happy to see how both programs make a great impact on how it ties into our school-wide pro-social skills.  A huge thanks goes out to our participating staff and parents in making Pickering Valley a wonderful place for students to learn and for fostering a supportive environment for our entire school community.  


- Joe Fernandes, Principal Pickering Valley Elementary School