YMCA of Greater Brandywine Welcomes Andy Hockenbrock

Andrew Hockenbrock, Executive Director of the Jennersville YMCA in West Grove, Pa.

YMCA of Greater Brandywine Welcomes Andy Hockenbrock as Executive Director of the Jennersville YMCA 

Andy brings 23 years of experience and a passion for the YMCA mission to Chester County. 

Earlier this month, Andy Hockenbrock joined the YMCA of Greater Brandywine as the Executive Director of the Jennersville YMCA. With over 23 years of YMCA experience, Andy brings expertise, passion and a strong sense of community to Chester County.  

Misson Driven 
Above all, Andy is drawn to the YMCA mission of creating programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. His commitment to the Y’s mission has taken him across the United States, serving communities in Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Delaware – and here in Pennsylvania.  

“Accepting the Executive Director position at the Jennersville YMCA gives me the chance to come home to southeastern Pennsylvania,” explains Andy. “Chester County is a great place to live because there is a wonderful sense of community. I hope to widen the reach of the Jennersville YMCA with programs that impact our community and enhance the lives of the people around us.” 

Andy has touched a wide range of people and communities in his career with the YMCA. Most recently, Andy served as the Triangle Y Ranch Camp Executive Director. In years prior, Andy led programming for youth, families, older adults, and those impacted by substance abuse.  

Lasting Impact 
Andy’s work creates a lasting impact on those that he serves. As he explains, “At the YMCA, we have an impact every day. We might not see that impact immediately, but it is there – and it is important. Every toddler that we teach to swim today prevents accidental drownings years down the road.” 

The mission of the YMCA runs deep in Andy’s family. His father was a swim instructor at the Norristown YMCA in the 1950’s. And, Andy met his wife while working at a YMCA in Missouri. Andy and his wife live in Quarryville with their five sons. 


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