Summer Camp T-shirt Contest

Tshirt contest images for 2020 summer camp voting contest

One part of summer camp that kids look forward to is receiving their new camp T-shirt. They hope it will be their favorite color (please let it be green!) and wonder what kind of design it will have.

The good news is that campers will have a say in the T-shirt design again this year.

Choose between the two options above and vote for your favorite here. When camp begins, will you see the design you chose on your new shirt?

If your child enjoys designing and building, we have great STEM camps to choose from. Try our:

  • LEGO Mania Camp – Campers experiment with techniques, materials and games to discover the best way to build.
  • Computer Explorers Camp – Campers learn to build robots and learn new coding skills to get the robots to move.

To view other camps or learn more, check out our camp guides for all camp information and to register.

This week’s YMCA Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt sticker reminds you to vote for your favorite t-shirt design. What will Corey the Camper be wearing? Learn more about the Scavenger Hunt.

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