Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt

The YMCA of Greater Brandywine is starting the year off with a Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt at all eight branches to help get everyone get over the winter blues and get excited for summer camp! Kids earn stickers for finding Corey the Camper, hidden somewhere at your YMCA, with new stickers available every other week, beginning on January 16. 

When visiting your YMCA, look for Corey the Camper. Once your child finds Corey, tell a staff member at the member services desk and your child will receive the sticker of the week. While there, fill out and drop an entry card in the ballot box to have a chance to win the grand prize – a free week of summer camp! Play all 12 weeks for your best chance to win. 

Meet Corey the Camper … 

Meet Corey the Camper, a part of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine's summer camp fun!

One of our two Coreys will be hiding out at your Y. When you spot them, don’t move them, just report the sighting to the member services desk to receive your sticker sheet and sticker.

Happy hunting! 

YMCA Summer Camp registration is now open now. Don’t forget to take advantage of 2019 prices, available through February 29. 

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