Join us for the 2018 Dry-Tri

Dri Triathlon at Brandywine YMCA features cross fit, cycling and running

Mark your calendar for our Dry-Triathlon Race! This family-friendly event will have categories for men, women and children.

Dry-Tri includes:

  • Complete exercises in the CAN including tire flips, sled push and rope swings *
  • Cycle on a spin bike in the parking lot for 5 miles.
  • Run around the outdoor track for 2 miles.

Kids ages 7 - 12 will need to bring their own bikes and will complete four laps around the outdoor track. 

* Events in the CAN can be scaled for those who need an alternate exercise. 

Rain Change: In the event of rain or bad weather, the event will be moved indoors. The CAN event will take place in the gym, followed by cycling in the cycle studio and running on a treadmill. 

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