3 Myths Associated with CrossFit

CrossFit members participate in a class at East Chestnut CrossFit located at the Oscar Lasko YMCA and Childcare Center in downtown West Chester.

East Chestnut CrossFit, located at One E. Chestnut Street in downtown West Chester, is newly opened and ready for you to check it out! Don’t be intimidated, CrossFit really is for everyone. Here are a few of those CrossFit myths debunked.

1. Myth: You have to be in shape to do CrossFit.

Fact: CrossFit is for all shapes and sizes … with the right programming, coaching and guidance. We will meet you exactly where you are today and discuss steps to getting you closer to where you want to go. Whether you have never done CrossFit before, do CrossFit to keep up with your kids, or are a competitive CrossFitter, you can jump into any one of our classes with our beginner, intermediate or advanced programming for the workout of the day!

2. Myth: CrossFit is dangerous and you will get hurt!

Fact: With our 3 session on-ramp program, you will learn all of the basic movements in CrossFit as well as the methodology behind constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity. We will also discuss which level workout to follow and how many days a week to start! Our coaches are there to help you and want to give you the tools to make everyday life easier!

3. Myth: Women bulk up too much!

Fact: Adding muscle to your body is a choice and does not happen the moment you step into a CrossFit gym. Will women gain more muscle mass doing CrossFit? Yes. Will you look like a bodybuilder? Probably not. Nutrition has a lot to do with how your body gains and loses muscle and body fat. Every body type is different and needs different quality and quantities of food based on what your goals are. Our coaches at East Chestnut CrossFit can help guide you to making the right nutrition and workout decisions to achieve your goals!


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