Additional Sports Offerings

At the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, our sports programs help people of all ages develop the ability, confidence and desire to be active for life.

In addition to the youth sports leagues offered at our branches - basketball, baseball, soccer, floor hockey and flag football - the YMCA as a growing list of sports programs, clinics and sessions to meet the interests and needs of our community. Click here to view all YMCA sports offerings

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Fencing is a physical and mental workout that can be enjoyed by all ages. Participants will learn to hone their strategies against opponents.

Fencing is available at our Lionville and Oscar Lasko YMCA locations. 

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Floor Hockey

We teach the game - and more! Our youth sports programs develop lifelong skills and confidence, encourage kids to be active for life and most importantly, are fun. Our sports leagues run four times a year for eight weeks each and you do not need to be a YMCA member to participate. 

Floor hockey is offered during the winter sports season. 

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Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong into a two to four-player sport that provides a great workout with minimal stress on the body. Players use solid paddles to hit a ball over the net and onto a court that shares the layout of a badminton court. 

Pickleball is available at our Brandywine, Kennett, Upper Main Line and West Chester locations.

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Preschool Sports

Our preschool sports offerings provide a great introduction to sports for younger sports enthusiasts who will learn skills from a variety of different recreation and gym sports. 

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Join a team and enjoy recreational volleyball at the YMCA. Volleyball leagues are available for adults at our Brandywine YMCA location. 

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